Business photography – it’s importance, and a cost effective solution

by Ingrid Weel – Corporate, Business, and Social Photography

Are your Business Photos the dog’s b******s or just b******s??

“A picture is worth a thousand words….”




Only problem is… you cannot ignore the truth of it.

All businesses today rely on branding and imagery to sell in fractions of a second.

At the most basic level, everyone in business will benefit from having a professional head shot. It shows that you care about how you appear to the public and ultimately your clientele. And could be the difference in generating that click through, or new client.

It’s simply not good enough to have a photo of you snapped in a car park or at a party – I don’t care HOW good you think you look in it. Don’t even BOTHER to post it on your web site next to your profile – you would do much better enticing your potential clients with an “Awaiting Image” notice in a silhouetted head icon – at least there would be some mystery involved.

I know I know I know – you’re a sole trader – you work from your laptop on your dining table and simply cannot afford to have a set of professional head shots! Every expense must be carefully evaluated when you start out, and your investments must be qualified, and most probably corporate or business photography is not high on your list.

I’m there! I’m with you on that! I know!!

I came up with a solution – drum roll please: THE HEAD SHOT EVENT!

Every quarter I set my portable studio up for a day at The Storage King in Brooklands, and charge for 15, 30 and 60 minute slots of photography. 

Can you spare £45 to improve your public appearance? I think so! Then you can use all the social media outlets to FREELY (and shamelessly) promote and market your business online – WITHOUT A DISAPPOINTING PHOTO!!!

Big YAY’s all round! Thanks for listening – rant over!

For upcoming head shot events visit