New business networking membership from ECX

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many businesses. As a result, we have made the decision to review our membership structure. We want to offer more. Above all we want to help businesses adapt and thrive by making sure that ECX adapts with new business networking membership.

With the venues closed, and working practices changed, our members and guests have all been enjoying the online meetings. Therefore, we will be keeping these until at least December 2021. We have also added a whole new area of extra benefits and simplified our pricing.  

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What’s new at ECX?

Alongside our regular fortnightly meetings, we will now be adding in fortnightly workshops and evening networking. Our ECX100 Networking events will also be returning in 2021, either face-to-face or online depending on Government guidelines, in addition to the desires of our members and guests.

Lunchtime Workshops

Wednesday’s (fortnightly) 1pm – 2pm Free to all members

Starting from mid-July, these lunchtime workshops will be a great opportunity for our members to expand on their presentations. For instance, to showcase skills and expertise, or test out a workshop before running it themselves. These will also be great as an attendee to learn new skills and get educated on all things business.

Evening Networking

Wednesday’s (fortnightly) 6pm – 7.30pm Free to all members

Also kicking off in July, these open networking events will run on the opposite Wednesday to the new lunchtime workshops. There will be a 15 minute feature presentation during the evening, with open networking and connecting either side. The presentation slot will be another opportunity for members to build their presence and share valuable expertise.

NEW business networking membership benefits

In addition to all the benefits of being a member at our morning business meetings, members will get access to all the new added features…….

  1. Lunchtime Workshops

  2. Evening networking

  3. Submit articles for posting / promotion on the ECX website and social media

  4. Visit any other ZOOM meetings

    (subject to our Terms & Conditions regarding business categories)

Simplified Pricing

To make it easier we have updated our charges for a 12 month business networking membership, giving you 3 ways to pay.

  1. A one off payment
  2. 2 x installments (6 monthly)
  3. Monthly installments

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If you would like to attend a meeting, simply hit ‘Find a Meeting’ below and select any meeting you wish to attend.

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