Are you looking for reliable suppliers for your business? Are you looking for expert help to move your business forward? Do you prefer to do business with people you know and trust? Do you struggle to make time to find new business?

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Welcome to ECX, the fastest growing, professional, out the box 'Business Meetings and Networking Events'.

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Want to INCREASE more business appointments in 2019?  We have meetings locally, regionally and even nationally!


So how does it work.....If you run your own business, growing your network is bound to be front-of-mind. You’ll know the benefits of getting out-and-about to promote your business to other business owners. However, you may also feel, as many of our members do, that it can be a bit of a drain – on both you and your time. Many networking groups focus on making lots of new connections, circulating lots of business cards, and not much else. Surely running a successful business is about more than just adding new connections on LinkedIn?

Enterprise Connexions offers a breath-of-fresh air in the business world. We know that there’s a difference between growing your business and growing your network – and we know that there’s a role for both. That’s why we host two different types of meetings – Business Meetings and Networking Meetings.


Business Meetings

Our Business Meetings are held every fortnight with a group of people who you get to know and trust – you work together to grow each other’s businesses by providing support, inspiration and recommendations. You gain a group of ambassadors who understand the challenges faced running your own business. They will guide and support you on your business journey, helping you connect with the right customers, and helping you grow.

As part of the ECX family, we also encourage you to visit all of the other groups available to you, to build even more long-term mutually-beneficial business relationships.

Our Business Meetings run from 6.30am to 9.30am, throughout London, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. So join us at one of our Business Meetings and see how being part of ECX can support you and your business.


Networking Meetings

ECX100 events are some of the biggest networking opportunities around – intended to rapidly grow your network, with up to 100 businesses in the room for the sole purpose of making new and useful connections.

Held across London, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex, these events bring together the key-players in a region, offering you the opportunity to market your business to your prospective customers, and potentially pick up some great suppliers along the way too.

These meetings run from 6am to 11am. Attendees often stay longer networking with fellow attendees after the end of the meeting. The agenda allows time for every attendee to promote their business to the room, with the majority of the rest of the morning allocated to free-flowing networking, to enable you to make the greatest number of new connections. We also offer an area of the room for you to position your business cards and marketing materials.

Sponsorship options are available for ECX100 events. (link to ECX100 on Website)



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