Are you looking for reliable suppliers for your business? Are you looking for expert help to move your business forward? Do you prefer to do business with people you know and trust? Do you struggle to make time to find new business?

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Welcome to ECX, the fastest growing, professional, out the box 'Business Meetings and Networking Events'.


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                                           ECX Wishing you a Merry Ecxmas and a Happy New Year!


Want to INCREASE more business appointments in 2019?  We have meetings locally, regionally and even nationally!

So how does it work.....We meet early in the morning, or in the evening, so that you can connect with experts who can guide you on your business journey, solve common issues, or help you to find the right customers, without cutting into your business hours.

We’re running our own businesses, so we understand the challenges. We haven’t got time for long lunches and lattes. We’re serious about moving things forward in our own organisations and yours. We’re here to help you to make lasting connections that will help you to grow your business.

If that sounds like your sort of organisation, click on the link to find an Enterprise Connexions meeting near you.

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We are also hosting ECX100's 

The concept of the ECX100 is to bring businesses of all sizes together under one venue, to gain collaborative business connections and build long-lasting supportive business relationships.

By attending this business focused event, will enable you to meet up to 100 other businesses who could assist in the growth and success of your business. There will also be a 'marketing' section for you to leave your business cards and marketing materials.

Basingstoke event will also have for the first time limited spaces for promotional vehicles to be exhibited outside the venue - so contact the ECX Team to get more information!

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Next ECX100 meetings:

Southampton - 28th February 2019.

Time: 06:00 to 11:30 GMT.

Location: Bracken Pl, Chilworth, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 3RB



Great news! Going away on holiday? ECX are now working in Partnership with Not Just Travel.

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ECX Basingstoke are now on 'thebestof' - click here for more info 


Support Desk Announcement:

Livi and the Support Team have been working very hard with the ECX 100's. Here an announcement from Livi. Further updates from the Support Team will be uploaded here. 

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More groups opening in 2019 - Call us for more information.

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