Benefits of a 10 minute Presentation

Developed by Digidrop

Bigger Insight

10 minutes is a lot longer than your 60-second pitch, this means that you have more time to delve into more detail about you, your business and how it came about. You can explain in more detail to members about what your business offers, as well as any accolades and accreditations you may have. You can also use the opportunity to let your fellow members and visitors know what kind of leads and referrals you are looking for.

Builds Confidence

Not everyone who attends business meetings such as ours are confident people. In fact, there are quite a few of us who are introverts, yet we know the importance of attending business meetings. Whilst we can grow in confidence doing 60-second pitches, having to stand up in front of a group and present for 10 minutes can be a great confidence builder.

Share Your Knowledge

A ten-minute spotlight is a great way to share snippets of your knowledge and giving some hints and tips to members. It’s always a good idea to give a few hints and tips to others. Not only does it give you an authoritative stance in your business category, but it can often make members wanting more from you. This in turn can lead to a 1-2-1 with members and the potential for business opportunities.

Extra Bonus!

As a member of ECX, there is an extra bonus to you doing your 10-minute spotlight! A 150-word blog post published on this very blog about your upcoming presentation which gets sent out through the ECX social media channels and promotes your business and your group!!

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