Things to do this August

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I spoke to two people at the ECX Farnborough meeting today (3 August). One said August was going to be really busy, as her owner-managed clients were asking her to get things started in readiness for tax returns. Another, a supplier of printed materials said you might as well disappear for the month because nothing ever happens.

So, what should business owners be thinking about this month?

Take a breather – no matter how short

August for sure is an odd month and for most, it’s quieter compared to the proceeding three months. Presenteeism doesn’t make money, so if you find a quiet full or half day this month, turn off the computer and enjoy the continuing fine weather. You won’t be stepping out in November!

Try something new

If you’ve not been making new business connections recently, then why not use August to remedy that. Some meetings might be quieter than normal, but those attending might have more time to spend with you afterwards. ECX is offering its “August Bonanza”. Attend any meeting during August for just £10 (assuming your business slot is not already taken) enjoy a comprehensive breakfast and get to meet other people who share your passion for developing business connections. Search ECX on Eventbrite for a meeting near you.

Catch up with clients

You give your clients a really ‘top rate’ service (when they are paying you). What about in between times? An offer of a coffee or a beer just ‘to catch-up’ this month shows you take a real interest in your client’s activities and not just those bits that can make money for you.

Training and development

Too busy to keep up with developments the rest of the year? August is the perfect time to participate in a Webinar or two, attend a training session or an event to develop your knowledge in a relevant area to your business.

Mundane matters

That is to say that some mundane tasks really do matter. The pile of business cards on your desk that should be in a CRM system. Those emails t the bottom of the inbox that you’ve not dealt with but that really do matter to someone else. Tidying your work station so productivity improves when September time comes around. Throw out the 15 back copies of the weekly industry mag that’s not been opened, never mind read! Finally, unsubscribe from those emails that despite GDPR you still seem to be getting! This is the month to think about these things, and there are others too I’m sure


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Enjoy the month.


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