Effective networking

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Elaine Phoon - Authorised Distributor with Utility Warehouse Discount Club - Effective networking, in my opinion, is to help other people. When you help other people, people will help you back, and you gain a friend. I’ve been a Utility Warehouse authorised distributor for a number of years and Utility Warehouse Discount Club is a network marketing business. I love networking! To be successful in networking, you need to find a group that you like and are comfortable in, and if you find that group, then make sure you go to the group on a regular basis. Don’t expect to pick up any business on your first visit—it takes time to build relationships.

Make a habit of arranging 1-2-1 meetings so you can get to know people better and find out ways to help their business. Nobody will give you referrals if you don’t know them and their business. Knowing, liking and trust results from 1-2-1 meetings. Following up is key—and I’m good at it. When I introduce a customer to our discount club, I follow up with them from time to time. I’m there to help them if needed. I know I am good at following up with people.

I follow through on what I say to people I will do for them. I get huge satisfaction each time I hear a testimonial about my service from an ECX member at one of our meetings. I know I am doing something right because existing UW customers often give me referrals or introduce me to their contacts. ECX has certainly helped my UW business. I’ve learnt about social media and how I can use it to keep positive messages coming out about my business. ECX also keeps me focussed too.

Everybody I meet has the potential to get great benefit from being a discount club member. ECX offers great opportunities for me to meet other ECX members in other groups, assuming my slot is not taken. Networking is one of the key parts of building my business.  By integrating networking as part of my UW business, it has helped me in building this amazing passive income professional network marketing business. It has also helped me qualify for a couple of holidays of a lifetime with all expenses paid and valuable company shares. I enjoy ECX very much. I signed up at my first meeting.

I enjoy the fun and laugher and friendliness while still being able to do business at the same time which suits my style. If I were to summarise my thoughts on networking, I would say:

  • People make a group effective, so find one where the chemistry is right for you
  • Make your networking part of your working week. Diarise the meetings and events and treat them as you would a client meeting
  • Networking is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on in other areas of business by talking and listening to other members
  • I use the resources of the networking group to help my customers and the contacts I come across



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