September re-set

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Your last chance to hit the reset button!

Early September is the only time in the year, apart from returning to work after Christmas, when it's possible to hit the re-set button. By that I mean there is a decent chunk of time (3.5 months) without interruption to really develop your business and arrive at Christmas happy in the knowledge you're in a better place than back early in Autumn. So, what are good habits to re-introduce to out you on the right track to success? None of these are new, but if you're anything like me, it's helpful to be reminded. In no particular order:

Don't be a slave to your inbox

The one sure way to spend time on your business and never move it forward is to reply to emails when they come in. Sure, some need immediate attention, I know, but...

Try turning your email account off for one hour in the morning AND in the afternoon. Focus on an activity in your business, or a client's project, and use the quality time to move that forward in a constructive way. Complete the task, then switch the email back on and deal in one go with all those messages that have come in the last 60 minutes.

Just back from holiday? See if this chimes with you...

Just back from holiday, don't leap straight back into work on Day 1. I found on getting back to my desk my mind was less cluttered compared to when I went away. Use this time to give thought to how you can grow your business between now and things winding down again in December. It's time well spent thinking how you will do that and what measures to use to see if you have been successful.

Review your LinkedIn profile

The majority of LinkedIn profiles undersell the skills of the individual. Many will not be an up to date representation of what a person has been doing. This is a good time of the year to review your profile. Not sure how to? There are some great and free-to-access online resources by ECX member Naomi Johnson at The Profile Company

Step away from the desk and the computer

The screen does not hold you in its hypnotic trance! Break the spell and 3 or 4 times a day get up, get out, and go for a walk. Just 5 minutes to clear your head, stretch and think before returning, refreshed to continue. Water intake... (you're doing it already I'm sure - 2 litres a day!)

Get out and about more

Meet new people and uncover new opportunities - guaranteed. That might be visiting other ECX groups or other business events. You will always learn great things from people outside your first degree network. Go on, schedule some things in this week, before it gets busy again.

Celebrate success

I guarantee you will have ups and downs in your business between now and the end of the year. Accept this. Don't be too hard on yourself when you miss out on something. Do make sure when something great happens you mark it with the team or/and with your family. They are likely your bedrock support structures and they deserve to be treated, as you do. So off you go now, and put the Champagne on ice!

Have a great month.

Nick Shrimpton is an ECX member and Director or Sixth Sense Marketing and can be reached at or 07881 784753.

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