Listen Up! Word's getting out there about Enterprise Connexions 

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Whisper it quietly but Word of Mouth (WoM) might be the next big thing in business development. I think I am joking, but with so many ways of communicating and keeping in touch these days, it’s only a matter of time before WoM becomes the next new thing. Of course, the reality is that word of mouth never went away, and it remains the currency that all business owners wish they had more of.

The subject of this month’s blog is word of mouth because it is relevant to Enterprise Connexions. We launched with a glitzy evening showcasing a different way to build relationships in business. We believed that networking meetings per se were no longer providing value, and people were looking for something more substantial. Over ten months, we have honed and refined our proposition based on comments from our members and visitors.

Our new and distinct message of business meetings and networking opportunities, side-by-side, is resonating across London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.


The ECX Meeting opportunities

Enterprise Connexions is the only group that offers the opportunity of business meetings, plus morning and evening networking opportunities throughout London and the Home Counties. Word is getting out there that this combination of opportunities is rewarding members who are taking advantage of what's available.

Curiously the word of mouth had been helped by the considerable investment made in IT and social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Meetup, and Eventbrite are all used extensively to promote meetings. Equally, each platform is a discussion forum for member sand visitors to exchange comments and ideas on how the meetings are helping them. Alongside the social media is a bespoke website which provides a personal and business page for promotional purposes, and it is managed by a support team on hand to advise members how to extract the maximum commercial advantage from this additional free online resource for their business.

It's not surprising that with so much going on within the Enterprise Connexions family, that new meetings are cropping up across the area. We'd be delighted to have you come along as a visitor. For details of your nearest business meeting, visit the ECX website or search Enterprise Connexions on Eventbrite.

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