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Martin Fowler

Director - Credit Management Professionals Ltd, Enterprise Networking Limited.


It has been mentioned that it would be nice to have a blog post from me sharing some of my background, how i got into networking, and how ECX came in to being. So here goes with a bit of history about little old me!

After being made redundant in October 2009 from my Finance Department job of 10 years plus, and then spending 18 months seeking new employment with no joy, I found myself at a career crossroads. As I was a qualified business advisor, and credit manager (with CMICM qualification - Chartered Member of the Institute of Credit Management), my husband Steve suggested that as I had the knowhow I should go out on my own; give it a go and see where it leads you, he said. The gauntlet was firmly laid down! With the idea in my head I had to give it a go, and on the 21st August 2011, Credit Management Professionals Ltd was formed.

To get myself out there, and promote my business, I started attending local networking events. The main tip I was given from fellow networkers was to get your brand, business cards, and marketing materials out there, and be seen regularly so people get to know you. Taking all this valuable information on board, I got around as many networking groups as I could throughout West London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. Gradually, I built up my own network of connections who could pass introductions as well as help my business. Then in February 2013 (some 18 months later) I got my very first referral after attending another local networking event.

Once the first job came, and I had the testimonial, it opened the doors. By putting in the work, and giving it time, people now knew me and felt more comfortable talking to me about financial issues. And having built those relationships, many contacts now see me as their go to expert for debt recovery.


From networking member to director

In late 2017, the opportunity arose to start up my own business breakfast network. After extensive market research, Enterprise Networking Limited has evolved in to Enterprise Connexions (ECX). The feedback from our market research was that people were bored of the traditional networking. They no longer liked the emphasis on selling and wanted something that offered more in the way of business support and building collaborative relationships. This has lead to ECX now offering two arms of our groups. One is our bi-weekly business breakfast meetings. And the second are our extra networking events, like the ECX100’s and evening networking.

While the ECX100 events are set up more as traditional networking, our bi-weekly business breakfast meetings are more relaxed, friendly, and non-pressurised, while remaining professional. With business development at the core.

I am also a very strong believer in the power of social media, and ECX uses this to the max. To promote the members, meetings, events, and for members to promote themselves.


My passion is for ECX to be successful, and in turn each member to be successful too. I thrive on helping others, and for me as the Director I want to help fellow business owners grow and flourish. The goal of each ECX meeting is for the members to leave energised, inspired, and to have learnt something new. This must be evident as members have commented that I always promote collaboration between them, and always go out of my way to help. Even by cooking breakfast at some meetings when needed!!


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