Make 2019 the year for telling stories

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In my experience, many business owners spend too much time scratching their heads and thinking about what makes their business unique. At the start of 2019, stop scratching, and look in the mirror. What makes your business unique is you! One trick to running a successful business is knowing how to capitalise on that virtue. This is especially true is yours is a special business. For solicitors, mortgage advisors, debt recovery, specialists, business coaches and the like, it is how you work with your clients, and the success that you can help bring them that will make your own business stand out in its category.

One of the ways to really bring a business to life is to stop thinking about what you do in your business and consider how you help people. Clients more than likely come to you because they want to achieve something that either they cannot do themselves, or that they choose not to. If you're able to consistently deliver the outcomes that a client values, they are more than likely to be co-operative when you ask them to provide a testimonial or a case study about the service that you provide.

In this one moment you have a fantastic opportunity to bring to life your work and expertise through the eyes of someone who values what you do, and in a way that potential future clients will be able to relate to. Compare the power of these two statements:


Most of the clients who come to us for a re-mortgage service can save money on their monthly payments.

I saved £275 every month after re-mortgaging using ‘Great Mortgages’. That’s over £6,000 extra in my pocket over just two years.

We can help clients to overcome their presentation apprehensions and to deliver better talks to live audiences.

The coaching and support I received from ‘Great Presentations’ provided me with the belief to stand up and give my presentation with true conviction. The response from the audience at the end is one I will never forget.


The statements on the right are far more believable and persuasive. It's worth remembering that throughout this coming year, the best time to ask a client to provide a testimonial is straight after a project you have been working on with them has ended, as this is when your input is most valued by them.

Like every good story, the impact on the audience is enhanced when the story is accompanied by a good photograph. Your client may already have a stock photo that can be supplied to you. Alternatively, you could arrange a photo shoot at a location or in a situation that adds an extra dimension to your words. Certainly, if you're looking for a story to be placed in the press, this is worthy of consideration.

If you can work some of these life stories into your busy business schedule, then within just the space of a couple of months you will have a growing list of ways in which you have added value to your clients' businesses. Imagine how it will look when your next potential future client visits your website and reads about your good news stories. It's more likely that if they are seriously in the market for a service that you can provide, that they will pick up the telephone or send you an email.

Good luck with everything that you do in your business in 2019. Don't forget, that all the resources needed to achieve what I have written about above are available within ECX business community if you do not feel you have the time or the inclination to embark upon them yourself.


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Nick Shrimpton is a Director of Sixth Sense Marketing and can be contacted on 07881 784753

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