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  • Complete Script to Screen Video production service, videos for websites, client testimonials, business pitches, how to videos, events videos, conferences, clips for Ms Power Point, video blogs
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We are a Video Production company offering from concept to final video, including presentation to camera coaching, scriptwriting, principle photography (videoing) post production editing (where the magic happens) and final delivery to a media platform of your choice.

Google is getting very single minded about promoting websites with video on above those without, in fact business websites are 70% more likely to be on a front page results list with a video than without.

Website visitors now read much less than they used to, but they are prepared to watch an interesting and engaging video, where with the full audio visual experience you can appeal to their emotions and senses. 

Why not introduce yourself to your potential clients with a short business pitch video? Tell them what you do with that all important call to action at the end.

Not happy about being in front of a camera, how about letting your customers sell for you, with a testimonial video.

A Website or social media video can save you time by explaining what your business does, especially effective if you break your business down into a step by step process, or an individual video explaining a particular aspect of your business, such as Goddards Accountants in West Molesey have done.

We are delighted to cover events and conferences as well to make a salient points video as a round up of what happened.

Talking of conferences, how about brightening up a Power Point Presentation with a few videos to really get audience buy in and engagement. 

We mustn't forget your regular video blogs, and your social media output or even your email campaigns where video is becoming more important.

Fed up with answering the same customer questions again and again, put the answers into video, it will save you a lot of time.

We are perfectly happy to let you have a go yourself with a mobile phone, but if you want a finely honed professional presentation with clean and crisp audio you probably need to leave it to us professionals.

The messages you put out are generated from a good script, and we can help you with that, write down what you think you need to impart, and we will work with you to produce a succinct, clear script with outcomes and objectives.

My Colleague Chris Dixon has just a little experience to add too.

Chris Dixon is a widely-experienced television producer / director / writer who has worked with all the major UK terrestrial broadcasters.  He has been scriptwriter, producer and creative consultant on a wide range of internationally-renowned programmes including The Bill, Coronation Street, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Emmerdale, City Hospital, and many other network and local shows.

As well as programme production, Chris is an acknowledged authority on broadcast media promotion & marketing. He was the on-air launch director at the creation of Channel Five, which won him several industry awards, and has successfully launched and re-branded TV stations in the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands.   He has been a seminar presenter at international television conferences and symposiums.

Formerly in the music business, Chris built up extensive experience within the marketing and A&R departments of WEA and CBS Records (now Sony Music). He discovered The Thompson Twins, was instrumental in launching the careers of Meat Loaf and The Clash, and has worked with a diverse range of artists from Johnny Cash to Bruce Springsteen. He retains a love of music of all kinds.

A graduate of Manchester Business School, he is a qualified marketer and an award-winning copywriter.

So, we are selling the experience under the grey hair, and that experience is what you get from Video4Business, I will see you on the other side of the edit.




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