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Mark Austin

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About Me

Hi, I am Mark Austin. A few years ago I had a major motorbike accident and broke my back. Due to my lack of mobility and the psychological effect the accident had on me I put on a lot of weight. By the time I decided I had to do something about it I was nearly 20 stone, wearing XXL tops and 44 inch trousers but more than that I couldn't do much without getting tired and having to rest.

I then started a Herbalife weight loss plan and almost immediately felt different, better, more energy. Over a year, the longest time I have ever stuck to a weight loss plan, I completely changed my life. I am now down to a 34 inch waist and for the first time in my adult life have bought medium size tops. I have more energy than I did when I was in my twenties.

Herbalife has completely changed my life and now I want to help other, who are ready, to change their lives. What have you got to lose (certainly not money because of the 30 day money back gaurentee).

My wife Leah has also had a great result with this diet. She has lost all of the weight she put on over time and after having our two beautiful kids.