Dominique Stillman MCIPD - Leadership Coach and Neuroscience Practitioner

Dominique Stillman

Leadership Coach and Neuroscience Practitioner - Owner at DS Consulting

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Accreditations and Qualifications
ILM Coach (connecting neuroscicence and psychology), MCIPD, APC with IIC&M
DISC, Emotional & social Intelligence inventory, MBTI steps 1 and 2, Life coaching
MCIPD - Chartered Member Institute for People and Personal Development
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About Me

DS Consulting - Reach New Heights

I have been working in business, people and leadership develop for more than 18 years.  I can work with any size organisation because at any one time I am either coaching 1 person, facilitating a team or skills providing development to groups  for 10 or 12 people. My goal is to enable healthy, honest and success work environments.

I draw on many tools, skills and techniques to deliver thought provoking interventions that trigger business improvements, personal or team change.   I am a Neuroscience Practitioner for mental strength, which means, that through coaching or workshops I help people to understand and manage their own brain chemistry.  This helps people to be resilient in our 21st century working environment.

I look at leadership in 3 ways:

  • Leading the business - I can help you to look at the way you do things now (processes, the structure, the work you focus on) and your vision for the future.  I help you to translate company visions so your teams can connect to them and see why what they do is significant and important.  I can help you to set targets and measures so you can achieve your company goals.
  • Leading your self - This looks at enhancing your insight and management of your behaviour and impact, to help you be more effective and impactful.
  • Leading others - here the focus is on your ability to influence.  This could be your team or a group that you are apart of.  It looks at how you set standards, assess results, keep people engaged with their work and improve performance.

I started out with my own retail businesses - with franchises including, petrol stations, clothes retail, pubs and in car entertainment.  I managed a team of 30 at British Airways and am passionate about the role of managers.  That they treat their position and the impact it has on their direct reports with respect and integrity. My industry experience is broad and I have worked across the UK, Europe and the US. I have held a global role managing Leadership development. To get a sense of my extensive industry and client range see my website -

I love what I do and I aim to create enjoyable, insightful and memorable ways for businesses and people to develop and grow.

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